Patients & Visitors

Planning Your Visit

At Atrium Health Levine Children’s Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital in Macon, GA, we know that whether your child is having surgery, a medical procedure, or having a specialist appointment, it can be stressful for parents and extended family. Here are a few tips to help make you and your child’s stay comfortable.


When you arrive at the unit, you and your child will be welcomed and escorted to your room, where we will answer your questions. To help with registration when you arrive, please bring the following information with you:

  • Insurance and Medical Assistance information
  • The name and phone number of your family physician and others involved in your child’s care
What to Bring

To ease the transition, we encourage bringing some of the “comforts of home” into the hospital for you and your child. There are some items you are welcome to bring, but others that we ask you to leave at home. Please label all personal items brought into the hospital.

You can bring:

  • Bathrobe/pajamas/slippers
  • Toiletries (Each unit can provide if you prefer not to bring your own.)
  • Favorite toy, blanket or other comfort item
  • Books, DVDs
  • Magazines (for older children and teenagers), and schoolwork, if appropriate
  • CD player/radio (Battery mode only)
  • Cell phone charger (NOTE: Do not plug into outlets at the head of the patient’s bed.)
  • Laptop computers
  • Portable DVD player
  • Hair dryers (NOTE: Must have GFCI box on cord with test/reset buttons.)
Overnight & Extended Stays

One parent or guardian is invited to stay overnight with patient at the bedside. Sleep chairs are available for your comfort.

If you’re traveling to us from a distance and you or a family member needs a place to stay, you have many options available. Our Public Relations office has information about available options. Please call 478-633-1353.

You may use the bathroom shower. If your child’s room does not have a shower, your child’s nurse can direct you to a shower near the unit.