Asthma Follow-up Clinic

At Children’s Hospital, it is important that we help families care for children with Asthma and know how to treat their diagnosis. It is our intent to have patients and families have a better understand of Asthma following a discharge from the Children’s Hospital.

We will work with you and your child to help you understand:

  • Why Asthma ‘attacks’ happen
  • How to recognize when your child is getting sick
  • What to do when your child begins to get sick
  • How to prevent as many attacks as possible

Asthma Follow-up Clinic are held each Wednesday afternoon from 4pm-6pm at the Children’s Health. If your worried about a respiratory issue with your child or if you feel your child has asthma, call Children’s Health to schedule an appointment with one of our primary care physicians.

Children’s Health
744 First Street
Macon Ga 31201

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