In 2016, Mason began running low-grade fevers off and on. By the end of March, his hemoglobin was below normal. Normal levels are at twelve, but Mason’s was below five. This was a major red flag for Mason’s pediatrician, and he immediately sent Mason to the Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health. “By the time we got there, we knew something was serious, but no one can prepare you to hear the word “cancer” in relation to your child,” said Brittany, Mason’s mother. Everybody thinks, “Not my family. Not us.” After Mason was initially diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia he spent two weeks in the hospital. There were so many things affected by Mason’s diagnosis — his routines were different and he couldn’t play with others as much because of his immune system.      “Living 75 miles away makes for difficult time away from our family and our ‘normal routines’”, said Brittany, “but the staff of the children’s hospital helps make our hospitalizations and our new routines manageable!”

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