Cassidy had a bad cough. She had seen many doctors and had even been put on allergy medications. One Friday night, December 4, 2015 Cassidy was taken to the Emergency Room. The Blankenships thought for sure it would be pneumonia and that the X-ray would prove such. The Blankenships were taken into a room where the doctor read the X-ray and discovered a mass in Cassidy’s chest. The doctor told them they were not going anywhere and Cassidy would be admitted to the Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health. “We found a home very fast in the Children’s Hospital,” said Tiffany Blankenship, Cassidy’s mother. Cassidy has a mass 5 cm in diameter mass in her chest that was sandwiched between her spine and the carotid artery. “People would come by and visit with a coloring book or blanket and that would put a smile on her face. At times when you know your baby is hurting, that smile is everything,” said Tiffany. Cassidy’s mass is benign. However, Cassidy must get a checkup every six months to make sure it has not grown or does not need to be removed. “One thing you don’t want to do is become acquainted with the Children’s Hospital, but it has been a blessing for us,” said Jason Blankenship, Cassidy’s father.

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